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Step #1: Adult and Household Information

*If you previously registered online you already have an account. Please login with that email to save yourself some time and effort.

**Attended our camp before? We might be able to simpy issue you an account. This will save you time and energy. If this is the case please contact us before proceeding.

***Otherwise please begin by entering at least one Adult and your Household Information. If you're registering a Youth we will need all legal guardian/parents info.

Click on our Contact Us at any time if you need assistance.

First Adult/Parent Info - REQUIRED
All correspondance and receipts will be addressed to the First Adult entered here.
*First Name:
*Last Name:
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Household Info - REQUIRED
*Mailing Address:
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*Home Phone: eg: 902-675-8642
Family Doctor:
Doctor's Phone:
Custody Notes:
Second Adult/Parent Info (OPTIONAL)
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Youth/Children Information
If applicable, any Youth info will be added during the next step.
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